18 October 2020

Dry Brushing: What’s all the hype about

Because I want you to have the best dry brush that I have been able to find this post contains affiliate links.

Dry brushing is the process of rubbing your skin when it is dry with a dry bristled brush.  

Why dry brush?  

Your skin is your largest organ of detoxification.  It can eliminate up to 30 percent of your body’s waste every day, which is A LOT!  Dry brushing helps to open up your skin’s pores so that toxins can be more easily eliminated.  It also encourages microcirculation.  Dry Brushing assists in lympatic drainage, think of your lymphatic system as garbage collectors, it picks up what the venous system has left behind, which can include toxins and infectious agents.  Because the lymphatic system does not have a pump of its own, it is very important to assist in getting rid of this "gunk."  Along with all of that dry brushing can feel very invigorating. 

How often should I dry brush?

For best results, dry brushing should be done routinely. I try and dry brush every day before I shower.  

How do you dry brush?  

You will want to get a natural soft bristled brush. Start by brushing your hands and wrist and work toward your shoulder in a small circular motion. Always start distally and work towards your body’s center.  (For non-medical folks, distally means the outer edge.)  If you think of venous and lymphatic return in your body this is the direction you want to go. You don’t want to push the gunk farther into your extremities. Push it into the center of your body, where it can be dispelled.  Make sure you take a shower immediately afterwards to wash off all the dead skin cells. Start with warm and finish with cool water. Follow up with a good quality moisturizer after your shower, to ensure your body retains moisture. 

Dry brushing takes only five or ten minutes to assist your body in releasing toxins, and bonus that it feels amazing!  

Dr. Ammie Chapman

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