22 November 2020

Ten No-Fail Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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The holidays are my favorite time of year. There is something about the season that has a sense of peace and calm about it – two things we all definitely need in 2020! I love the beauty of snow-covered mountains and the look of frost on the empty tree branches on a cold winter morning. I love sledding, then coming into a warm house for some hot cider and cocoa. I love the excitement in the faces of children as they anticipate the festivities to come, and I love the traditions that bring our family together.

Every year, our family holds a scavenger hunt on Christmas Eve. The kids go crazy trying to figure out the clues. We also have a giant stocking stuffed full of goodies. Each person contributes a gift, then everyone takes a turn to close their eyes and draw out a prize. The prizes range from beautiful scarves to calf milk bottles. (Most of my family works in ranching, so calf bottles are a useful gift!)

What sorts of gifting traditions does your family have? I know some families have a rule that Christmas gifts can’t be a necessity. One family told me that they do three gifts to represent the gold, frankincense, and myrrh of the wise men – one gift is genuinely beautiful, another is fun, and another is practical. Do you prefer to gift practical or fun?

Whatever your gifting preference, holiday shopping can sometimes be a struggle. With the thought of Christmas on the horizon, I am beginning to realize that I am way behind. Anyone else feeling a little off their groove this holiday season? Here are ten of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas to help take a little stress out of your 2020:

1.     Matchbox or Hotwheels cars – My son loves these! Every time he goes to the store he wants to pick one out. They are such a fun toy that can keep kiddos entertained for hours.

2.     Lip balm – This can be both practical and fun. It’s always nice to have a lip balm handy to protect your smile against the cold, dry air. Here are a few of my favorites: Badger, Ora's Amazing Herbals and Beautycounter.  

3.     Lip gloss – Beautycounter has some beautiful lip glosses and they also have some fun jellies that take me back in time. Remember putting lip gloss on when you were a kid just so you could lick it off because it tasted so sweet and yummy? That’s what these jellies remind me of. Flavors include caramel, honey, peppermint, and sorbet. Put them all in one stocking or break them up and give everyone one.

4.     Pocket knife – You can’t go wrong with a good pocket knife. My husband’s favorite brands are Kershaw and Benchmade, You can also go to your local hardware store and find some fairly nice, inexpensive options.

5.     Body Butter – With the harsh winter months being low on moisture, we could all use a little extra body butter to help heal our cracked and dried out hands. I recommend AM Body Butter.  

6.     Body scrub – I love using scrubs! There is nothing like the warm scent of cinnamon and cloves in a nice hot shower. These body scrubs are a great way to get clean, exfoliate, and end up smelling amazing.

7.     Cold process soap – These are such a fun and practical gift. The color and scent possibilities are endless. Just make sure to look for ones that are scented with essential oils and not fragrance. Here are a few ideas that I love; Let is snow, warm wishes and holly jolly.  

8.     Socks – Socks are one of those things we all need. As for me, I really appreciate a new pair of snowboard socks . I like their thickness, and that they come up to my knees. They also come in super fun colors for the kiddos, mom and dad.  

9.     Games – I think a deck of cards or a game of Farkle is a great stocking stuffer. They always come in handy for an impromptu family game night or when you’re having guests over.

10.  Caramel– Everyone needs a little treat now and then. Who better to get it from than Santa?

I hope this holiday season finds you and your family happy, healthy, and grateful for this wonderful life. 




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